September 29, 2020

Spring is here! Things we love about the season, from florals to new TV and music

With a cluster of cancellations and closures caused by coronavirus, the start of the new season Thursday introduces a different perspective on spring break.

As people responsibly practice social distancing, some of the things we enjoy about this time of year – like being outdoors with friends – may be paused or modified. But there are still plenty of reasons to have a spring fling with the season. The rising temperatures and buds ready to bloom are still around to delight.

Here are the things we love about spring, that can still be enjoyed, amid these hard times.

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G’bye, coats! *Hand wave emoji*
Shedding that winter coat
Heavy jackets be gone. Rising temperatures mean discarding that weighty outerwear. Goodbye camel-colored coat that we keep meaning to take to the dry cleaner, puffy jacket with what looks like aluminum foil on the inside to keep us warm and those trendy Teddy coats that made all of our friends look like Fozzie Bear. Wocka, wocka, walk on to the back of the closet where you belong.

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