June 13, 2021

Suzuki Jimny 2019 long-term review

Tuning organizations ordinarily give their opportunity to top of the line vehicles, for example, Range Rovers, Lamborghinis and so forth. In any case, only every so often, something clique like goes along that merits such consideration. You got it: the Jimny is that very vehicle.

Strolling through Mayfair as of late (not intelligent of my methods… ), I detected a – sorry – pimped form of a Jimny, kindness of tuner Liberty Walk, ordinarily purveyor of bodykits for Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

There’s no point imagining I like tuned renditions of models. I don’t. However, yet, yet… doesn’t this Liberty Walk Jimny verge on super-cool? There are a couple of firms that offer Jimny adjustments, including Jimny Style just as Liberty Walk. I called up the last to discover the craving for these in the UK.

Exceptionally tuned Focus RS gets motorsport-grade character and an outrageous turn…

This most recent Jimny has for some time been known as a little Mercedes-Benz G-Class/G-Wagen, highlighting the equivalent square shaped extents for a littler scope. To such an extent that Liberty Walk boldly considers its form the G-Mini.

James Pearman, chief of The Performance Company, which is the sole merchant of Liberty Walk to the UK, says: “The pack is intended to make it resemble a scaled down G-Wagen. We’ve had such a great amount of enthusiasm for it that we put it close by a Lamborghini Aventador on our Autosport International Show stand. It gets as a lot of consideration as the supercars.”

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