January 19, 2021

Six RAF jets intercept Russian aircraft heading for Scottish coast

Six RAF contender planes were mixed to capture Russian airplane as they moved toward British airspace, the Ministry of Defense has said.

The Russian planes were followed heading towards the north-west shoreline of Scotland on Saturday.

It provoked the aviation based armed forces to send three sets of Typhoons from its Quick Reaction Alert program.

Two sets left from RAF Lossiemouth in Moray, while the third flew from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

Flying in arrangement, two sets moved toward the airplane before pulling back, while the third pair constrained them to change course.

RAF Lossiemouth tweeted: “At no time did these airplane enter UK sovereign airspace.

“The Russian airplane were shadowed by our Typhoons, alongside (Quick Reaction Alert) airplane from our NATO accomplices in Norway and France.”

It included: “We are prepared to react to any unidentified airplane and potential airborne dangers, day in and day out/365.”

A month ago, RAF planes were mixed from Lossiemouth after reports of unidentified airplane flying towards UK airspace.

The airplane, thought to have been Russian planes, were spotted off Shetland.

The aircraft were not caught as they stayed outside of the territory thought about UK airspace.

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