September 24, 2020

Sadiq Khan calls for misogyny to be recognised as hate crime

London mayor Sadiq Khan has issued a call for misogyny to be recognised as a hate crime.

The mayor said that female gender should be included in the list of protected characteristics treated as aggravating circumstances, which currently includes disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

Mr Khan, who is fighting for re-election to City Hall in the 7 May election, said he would also back moves to end a two-tier “hierarchy of hate crimes”, which sees incidents aggravated by racial or religious hatred prosecuted more harshly than those based on sexual orientation.

Speaking ahead of a Women of the World mayoral debate, Mr Khan said: “The safety of all Londoners is my first priority and as a proud feminist I find it simply unacceptable that any woman or girl in our city should experience these devastating crimes.

“I want all women to feel safe in London, whether they are going to work or enjoying the culture and entertainment that London has to offer. It is time for every Londoner to call out sexist and misogynistic attitudes wherever they encounter them – in the workplace, at school, on the streets or on public transport.

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