January 26, 2021

Coronavirus Updates: At Least 18 U.S. States Affected as Cases Mount

Nations on several continents are intensifying their efforts to contain the epidemic, which continues to spread fast. A cruise ship is being held off the California coast and the state has declared an emergency.

The Senate is expected to approve $8.3 billion in emergency funding, already approved by the House, to fight the virus.

The U.S. Coast Guard rushed testing kits to a cruise ship quarantined off the coast of California on Thursday as the number of new cases and deaths related to the coronavirus in the United States continued to rise.

California joined the list of states declaring emergencies. So far, 11 deaths have been linked to the virus — one in California and the rest in the Seattle area — with 162 confirmed cases across the country. Reports of cases in New Jersey and Tennessee brought the number of states with infected patients to 18.

Around the world, there were more than 90,000 cases and 3,000 deaths. A global database maintained by Johns Hopkins counts more than 53,600 recoveries from the virus.

With the caseload in Europe passing 4,000 and rising fast, major conferences, trade shows, cultural events and sporting competitions have been canceled. Officials warned that the outbreaks — the largest is in Italy, but France, Germany and Spain are also being hit hard — will continue to grow.

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