December 5, 2020

‘Fortnite’ Season 2: A Warning About Customizing Maya, And Where And How To Do It

Fortnite players were greeted to a whole new set of battle pass skins here in Chapter 2, Season 2 today, including one that is extremely unique. No, not the jacked cat. No, not the guy who can turn stuff into gold. But rather that would be the tier 1 skin, Maya, which Epic boasts has 3.8 million potential customizations, and is the game’s first fully customizable skin.

However, while you may be excited to dive in and start customizing her to your liking, Epic has made it…a bit difficult.

First, you don’t go to “edit style” the way you might think in the locker. Rather, Maya has an entirely separate part of the hideout in the main battle pass room. It’s in the top right of the zone and is called the “Upgrade Vault.”

That’s where you go to customize Maya, and yet we’re still not done here, as there are more catches to come.

Epic has decided to make customizing Maya a season-long experience. Each week (all ten weeks) there will be a new challenge to unlock another portion of Maya you can customize. This week, it’s her hair, and you need to get an AR Specialist medal with her (250 damage with ARs in a match) to have the ability to unlock the carousel of four hairstyles. Next week it’ll be her tattoos, and all the way in week 10 is her scarf.

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