June 12, 2021

Galaxy Z Flip review: 24 hours with Samsung’s new foldable phone

Samsung’s Z Flip smartphone is the first folding phone to flip over. Harsh critics like my wife and teen kids think it’s really cool.

I agree, with reservations.

My son was particularly blown away by one Z Flip stunt: Prop it up on a table at a 90-degree angle, raise your palm, and pose for the hands-free selfie.

And yet you still have to ask yourself if the Z Flip is worth the lofty $1,380 price tag, especially when you weigh it against more traditional handsets occupying the high rent district, including iPhone 11 Pro’s or Samsung’s own new Galaxy S20 Ultra?

It’s a question I’ve been wrestling with over the weekend and not one with an immediate answer.

Snap judging Z Flip

Samsung lent me a Z Flip for all of 24 hours, enough time to develop a mostly positive first impression but way too short for a comprehensive review. You can’t evaluate the battery, much less get any kind of reading on the durability of this thing.

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