June 20, 2021

This writer is blaming South Park for everything that’s wrong with the world and people aren’t happy

Comedy Central

Writer Dana Schwartz has started a debate online after saying that “it seems impossible to overstate the cultural damage done by SOUTH PARK”.

The journalist and author added “Smugness is not the same as intelligence; provocation isn’t the same as bravery. The lesser of two evils aren’t the same” before clarifying:

To be clear, I don’t blame the show itself as much as I do the generation of boys who internalized it into their personalities. Which maybe isn’t the show’s fault!

As is often the case online, those disagreeing with the sentiment have hardly covered themselves in glory and South Park is now causing something of a culture war with truth and nuance nowhere to be seen.

Some are claiming Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s satirical cartoon is the product of libertarian millionaires with nothing but cynicism to offer the world, conveniently ignoring the fact that the show began when the pair were penniless chancers. The truth exists, as it tends to, somewhere between the extremes. There have been times South Park has been on the wrong side of history, not least with regards Al Gore and climate change, an episode the writers apologised for in 2018.

There have also been plenty of occasions when the cartoon has spoken truth to power. Both of these things can be true.
People were keen to get involved.

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