For many, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and a day to mark their relationship.

But for those who aren’t coupled up, the annual event is not exactly a date to look forward to.

Not only are restaurants a no-go (unless you wish to be surrounded by pairs who pile on the PDA), your social media feeds are chock-full of sickly posts and pictures of flowers (not that we’re jealous or anything).

So if you are single on V Day, fret not: we’ve compiled 11 of the best memes to help you get through the February 14 in tact…

1) The truth hurts, man

2) Self love is key

3) A note to my secret admirer:

4) We’ll knock off early anyway

5) Evening plans = sorted

6) Is it too late to find a boyfriend?

7) Even the milk has a date on Valentine’s

8) Quelle surprise!

9) The joys of being single

10) Technically true, yes

11) Netflix and chill…ingly accurate