June 20, 2021

February 2020 snow moon to appear this weekend. But is it really a supermoon?

Full snow moon - NJAM

The full moon of February 2020 will be shining in the sky this weekend, and its nickname is the “snow moon.” Some are calling it a supermoon, although that’s up for debate.Nikos Apelaths 

One thing is certain: The full “snow moon” of February 2020 will officially reach its fullest phase early Sunday morning, Feb. 9.

What’s uncertain: Will it be tracking close enough to the Earth to be considered a supermoon?

It all depends on who you talk to and which standard is being used to determine what defines a supermoon. Some astronomy writers and bloggers are calling the upcoming full moon the “super snow moon,” saying it should be classified as a supermoon. Others are throwing kryptonite on this super-hyped nickname.

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