June 20, 2021

Fran Drescher on ‘The Nanny’ Musical, Her New Sitcom and Heading Back to Broadcast

“I was ready to go back into the major leagues,” the star tells ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ of her first series regular role since her TV Land sitcom ‘Happily Divorced’ ended in 2013.
“I wanted to do network television,” Fran Drescher says of her return to broadcast TV in NBC’s Indebted. The actress, who is such a singular archetype that she typically plays characters named Fran, had been in the beginning stages of developing a new project for herself when her manager mentioned that the Sony-produced sitcom was currently looking for a “Fran Drescher type.”

A few phone calls later, and the TV veteran was reading alongside star Adam Pally for her first series regular role since her TV Land sitcom Happily Divorced ended in 2013. This time, though, she wanted the platform only a broadcast network could provide.

“You know, my parents really get excited when I’m on TV. My mom’s in her 80s, dad just turned 90. And it’s kind of a mitzvah and this was already moving forward,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It was farther ahead of anything that I was just about to go out and pitch. So I thought, you know, let me give them this gift. They could never, their friends could never find me on TV Land. It was just the bane of their existence. They were so frustrated. Everybody’s got a different channel that comes in on, they can’t find it, and it was never in the local paper listing, that network. They’ll do, like, the top 60 channels and it wasn’t one of them. And everybody can find NBC. And because it’s the studio I’ve already been working with, because it’s at the studio that’s nearest to my house, because it’s NBC, everybody can find the peacock network. And because it seemed like there were very nice people, it’s a Jewish family, you know, just — go for it.”

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