June 20, 2021

After Mark Dantonio’s Retirement, Where Does Michigan State Turn From Here?

The coming weeks will show just how much the way Mark Dantonio left has stymied Michigan State.
Mark Dantonio acted in the best interests of Mark Dantonio Tuesday. And while that certainly is his prerogative—retirement always should be a very personal decision—he didn’t act in the best interests of anyone else associated with Michigan State football.

Not the administration, which now will try to hire a coach at a time when hiring a coach is difficult.

Not the current players, who are a month into their spring semester and suddenly don’t know who their coach is going to be.

Not the December signing class, which now is left holding the bag after casting their lot with Dantonio.

Not the small class of recruits who are supposed to sign Wednesday to become Spartans.

All those people were significantly disadvantaged by Dantonio’s retirement announcement, which came without warning but with a massive payday. He collected a $4.3 million loyalty bonus just two weeks ago, and the timing of this screams of taking the money and running away from a program on the decline.

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