June 20, 2021

NBA Rumors Tracker: Buying and Selling the Latest Trade Buzz

Calling all sellers, buyers and curious offer-listeners of the NBA world.

Trade deadline week is here, so you all have between now and 3 p.m. ET on Thursday to finalize your transactions and exit basketball’s biggest swap market before closing time.

Early forecasts for the last days of #TradeSZN call for a quiet market. Only a handful of teams are truly out of the playoff hunt, and motivations are scarce for those teams to willingly self-destruct. The upcoming free-agent class is thin. The incoming crop of draft prospects looks underwhelming. Even if all normal fire-sale conditions are in place, external factors could lead some to decide to sit this out.

Of course, sleepy prognostications are often followed by frenzied action. Deadline time can be funny like that.

No matter where the week heads from here, we’ll keep you clued in on all the latest whispers and rumblings bouncing around the rumor mill.

Andre Iguodala Playing Hardball

“Per league sources, Andre Iguodala is prepared to sit out the rest of this season if Memphis isn’t able to orchestrate a trade with one of the agreed-upon teams he designated by Thursday’s trade deadline,” The Athletic’s David Aldridge tweeted. “Iguodala and Memphis mutually agreed he would not report to the Grizzlies while the team tried to find a trade partner.”

Iguodala may be on the sweetest deal in professional sports. The veteran wing is being paid $17.2 million by the Memphis Grizzlies this season, and he has absolutely no intention of logging a single minute for the team paying him.

Of course, years of experience, multiple All-Defensive selections, three titles and one All-Star nod earned him the leverage necessary to work out this deal with Memphis. But it’s at least a little jarring at this point. The Grizzlies are actually good (currently in eighth place and rocking an 11.4 percent chance to make the playoffs). Iggy would make them better, though his current teammates may be out on that idea.

“I cant wait til we find a way to trade him so we can play him and show him really what Memphis is about,” shooting guard Dillon Brooks said, per the Commercial Appeal’s Mark Giannotto.

Rookie sensation Ja Morant backed that quote up with the ever-popular “shout” emoji.

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