June 15, 2021

Jason Momoa’s 2020 Super Bowl Ad Admits He’s Just Like the Rest of Us

As Aquaman, Jason Momoa is best known for his toned body, strength, and flowing locks, but a Super Bowl LIV ad contemplated what it would be like if he didn’t actually have any of those attributes. In a commercial for Rocket Mortgage, Momoa comes home and, with the help of some clever CGI, removes his biceps, pecs, and a toupee. What’s left is a skinny version of a bald Momoa. It’s a little uncomfortable to watch, not unlike the youngest de-aging scenes in The Irishman, but that Momoa probably has more in common with the average person than he normally does.

“What does home mean to me? It’s my sanctuary, it’s the one place I can let guard down,” he says in a commercial, as he takes off his shoes and biceps. In a welcome twist, Lisa Bonet—Momoa’s real-life wife— is supportive of the scrawny version of Momoa, helping him as he bench-pressed a bar that turned out too be too heavy .

Along with a McDonald’s commercial that mashed up characters who time travel, like Alex Winter’s Bill from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and aliens, like the ones from 1996’s Mars Attacks and 2016 Arrival and a Mountain Dew commercial that featured Bryan Cranston and Tracee Ellis Ross acting out scenes from The Shining, Momoa’s turn was a highlight in a night full of commercials that put A-list stars in absurd situations, some to better effect than others. Maybe all that work de-aging and transforming movie stars with CGI has been good for something.

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