June 20, 2021

Erin Andrews, Chris Myers spoil Fox’s bid for Super Bowl 2020 perfection

Fox would have pitched a perfect telecast for Sunday’s Super Bowl, if it weren’t for the sidelines.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman called a mistake-free game, complementing the action and not being overly intrusive. They made their usual call, which is what you want.

The network’s new graphics were clean and added to making it feel like a larger telecast. Overall, it was a really enjoyable broadcast that honored the year of preparation.

The only issue was the sideline work.

Fox nearly had every shot, except for the Chiefs’ late go-ahead touchdown, where the view that was needed was down the sideline to see if Damien Williams’ right foot stepped out before the ball crossed the goal line.

It wasn’t the worst thing, but it was a base hit to right to end what had been an otherwise ideal broadcast.

With perfection gone, Fox gave up the equivalent of a homer later.

At the end of the game, Chris Myers was in the difficult spot amid the postgame chaos. He had Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and Reid’s wife, Tammy, with the confetti flying.

This is the biggest stage and the smartest thing to do is simplify the questions in this spot. Myers was a little all over the place — especially, oddly, saying at the end, “Your better half, Tammy, forgive me, Mrs. Reid …” He then asked her a question before cutting her off.

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