June 12, 2021

Unique undergraduate programme combines travel and study

Travelling Europe is something many of us dream of doing when we finish high school. Sadly it may seem like a pipe dream if you’re planning to go straight to university. But what if you could do both? At ESCP Business School, Europe’s oldest business school founded in 1819, you can.
ESCP Business School isn’t just one of the world’s leading business schools. It’s also a chance for students to have a truly international undergraduate experience.

“For students it is a unique experience to be able to interact and to work in groups with students of more than 50 different nationalities. They will be ready to work in a wide variety of environments,” says Marion Leparmentier, Director of Studies Bachelor in Management (BSc).

Find out more about the Bachelor in Management (BSc) degree at ESCP Business School

One of those students is 18-year-old Yara. She was born in Ivory Coast but is originally Lebanese and spent most of her life in Lebanon. Having lived for several years in Canada, she also holds Canadian citizenship. She has recently moved to Paris to start her Bachelor in Management (BSc) degree at ESCP Business School.

“I really wanted to study management because you can go onto work in any field you want. Everything in this programme will really help us in the future, and the idea of studying every year in a different country is incredible for both your education and you as a person.”

Yara is among the first of the Bachelor in Management (BSc) students to study at ESCP’s République campus in Paris — the largest, oldest, and grandest of the university’s campuses — which opened to first and second-year students on her programme this year.

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