June 12, 2021

Baby’s Priceless Reaction To Her First Ice Cream Has Internet In Stitches

She opens her mouth wide and takes a bite out of an ice cream cone. Her eyes pop wide open in surprise.
“Could something really be this good?” she seems to be thinking.

She clutches at the scoop of ice cream with both hands, as if afraid that someone would take it away from her. She opens her mouth wider and takes another bite – and then another – quickly, refusing to let go, hardly daring to believe her good luck as her parents dissolve into fits of laughter.

This is the scene that played out when a baby tasted ice cream for the first time. Nine-month-old Blakely’s priceless reaction to the Baskin-Robbins cone has gone viral on social media and has left thousands in stitches.

The video was first posted on video-sharing platform TikTok by Blakely’s mother, Brittani Jernigan. From there, it has made its way to other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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