June 13, 2021

New Top Gear Series 28 Trailer Will Come At You Sideways

There’s a new trailer out for the next season of BBC’s Top Gear, and this one is all about the cars. We know that because the video is filled with close-ups, wide-angles, fly-bys, and pretty much every other artsy camera angle you can imagine showing a wide range of cars. Also, it says so in the video title. So yeah, cars it is then.

What can the world expect to see in series 28 of BBC’s extravagant motoring show? BMWs getting sideways. Aston Martins getting sideways. Subarus getting sideways. Porsches getting – you guessed it – sideways. There’s also a Porsche getting airborne, and speaking of taking flight, there’s a familiar-looking race between the McLaren Speedtail and an F-35 jet fighter. Oh, and there’s an Ariel Atom getting, um, sideways. It’s Top Gear with Chris Harris. At some point, everything will be sideways.

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