June 13, 2021

Bill Maher Warns of ‘Civil War’ If Democrats Don’t Embrace Trump Supporters

After two months off for winter break, Bill Maher returned to Real Time on Friday night and, following a cringe-worthy joke or two about things like recharging the batteries in his vape, the comic addressed the ongoing impeachment drama—namely, that President Trump recently welcomed the notorious attorneys Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz to his legal team.

(For the uninitiated, Starr and Dershowitz not only defended Trump associate—and convicted pedophile—Jeffrey Epstein, but two Epstein victims have claimed that the late Epstein “directed” them to have sex with Dershowitz, while Starr was pushed out of his job as Baylor University president for covering up sexual misconduct.)

“Yes, that Ken Starr. The guy for whom the blowjob was too much, he’s defending this impeachment guy,” said Maher. “And also Alan Dershowitz, who’s defended Weinstein, O.J., and now Trump. Wow. Think about that. Weinstein, Trump and O.J.: flabby, grabby and stabby.”

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