June 13, 2021

The Schitt’s Creek cast knows each other really well, unsurprisingly

With the sixth and final season of Canadian stealth hit comedy Schitt’s Creek currently airing in America on Pop TV (and reruns cementing its cult hit status on Netflix), the cast assembled in slightly less than their Rose family finery on Thursday’s Tonight Show. (Note that Fallon, wary of the FCC, one supposes, still holds up a title card for the series every time anyone says “Schitt’s Creek,” since American TV is a silly, silly place.) Not that Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, Dan Levy, and Annie Murphy didn’t look great (Eugene’s salt-and-pepper mane remains glorious, and O’Hara’s heels could pierce a tank), it’s just that nobody was sporting over-the-top couture or elaborate wigs. (As far as we know, anyway.)

Telling Fallon about being the little Canadian series-that-could, the Levys—father and son—told tales of how they’re still star-struck on the red carpets they’re suddenly invited to (Murphy says the admiring touch of “ethereal,” “gazelle-like” Schitt’s fan Nicole Kidman undid Dan), and how people have finally stopped sending Eugene unasked-for suggestive free apple pie in restaurants. (Sort of a mixed blessing there, according to Dan.) Tight-lipped about spoilers for this final season, nobody was spilling about whether the formerly one-percent Rose clan will ever leave their unwillingly adopted rural home town when the series concludes later this year, but, for fans of expertly cringe-worthy, slyly heartfelt Canadian character comedy, the it’s clear which way things ought to go.

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