June 15, 2021

Jessica Mendoza, Mets advisor, backtracks after ripping Mike Fiers

Jessica Mendoza whiffed. So, she’s taking another swing at it.

Just hours after the ESPN broadcaster and Mets special assistant denounced former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers for exposing his former team’s secret sign-stealing system, Mendoza backtracked on her original point after facing widespread criticism.

“Thought it was important to clarify my earlier remarks about the sign stealing situation in MLB. Most importantly, I feel strongly that the game of baseball will benefit greatly because that sign stealing matter was uncovered,” Mendoza said in a statement. “Cheating the game is something that needs to be addressed and I’m happy to see the league is taking appropriate action. The point I should have been much more clear on was this: I believe it’s very critical that this news was made public; I simply disagree with the manner in which that was done.”

Mendoza, 39, initially said Fiers publicly exposing the Astros’ scheme was “hard to swallow.”

“I mean, I get it. If you’re with the Oakland A’s and you’re on another team, heck yeah, you better be telling your teammates, ‘Look, heads up, if you hear some noises when you’re pitching, this is what’s going on,’” Mendoza said. “But to go public? Yeah, it didn’t sit well with me.”

Mendoza now credits Fiers for “stepping forward,” but claims that the pitcher was wrong for discussing the issue with a reporter, rather than alerting MLB officials.

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