June 15, 2021

Kevin Durant, Kendrick Perkins feud on Twitter over ‘weakest move in NBA history’ and OKC’s greatest player

Kendrick Perkins is a member of the media now. Existing in the NBA media means being able to get a reaction out of fans, and when traditional takes fail to do that, many media members turn to hotter ones. So Perkins, on Twitter, shared a take that he planned to expand upon on a later appearance on television: Russell Westbrook, not Kevin Durant, is the greatest player ever to wear an Oklahoma City Thunder uniform.

Perkins’ take, which came on the heels of Westbrook’s first game back in OKC since being traded to Houston over the same, naturally drew quite a bit of confused responses. Durant, by nearly every measure, is a better player than Westbrook. That is about as close to a fact as such arguments ever get. But when challenged, Perkins persisted. When fellow media member Marc D’Amico chimed in citing Westbrook’s failed playoff record without Durant, Perkins responded that Durant lost in the second round during his one Oklahoma City run without Westbrook.

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