June 15, 2021

Can ‘1917’ help Universal bounce back from ‘Cats’?

“1917,” a harrowing World War I drama, opens nationwide this weekend and is expected to have a $20 million opening, according to its studio, Universal. That number won’t break any records nor is it particularly huge, but it could help the studio rebound from its last release, “Cats.”

The movie adaptation of the hit musical was a box office catastrophe. The film, which had a reported budget of roughly $100 million, has made just $54 million worldwide since its December 20 release. Universal could lose at least $70 million on the film, according to reports. Critics weren’t fans, either. “Cats” was ravaged in reviews, receiving a 20% score on review site Rotten Tomatoes. Ty Burr of the Boston Globe wrote in his review, “Oh God, my eyes.”
“1917” could help Universal move beyond all that, according to Shawn Robbins

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