June 20, 2021

Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape in Los Angeles as N.Y. Trial Starts

The new case in California against the Hollywood producer was disclosed just after he hobbled into a courtroom in Manhattan.

One woman ran into Harvey Weinstein at a Hollywood film festival in February 2013. Later that night, he showed up at her hotel room, gained entry and raped her, she said. He threatened her life, she told the authorities.

A day later, Mr. Weinstein met the second woman at a hotel restaurant in West Los Angeles and invited her and another woman up to his room. There, he trapped her in a bathroom, grabbed her breasts and masturbated, prosecutors said.

Those two allegations were contained in a criminal complaint released in Los Angeles on one of the most remarkable days since revelations about the movie producer’s sexual harassment of women set in motion the global #MeToo movement.

Only hours before prosecutors in Los Angeles unveiled the new case against Mr. Weinstein, he had hobbled with a walker into a courtroom in Manhattan for a hearing on the eve of his long-anticipated rape trial there. Jury selection was to begin on Tuesday.

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