June 13, 2021

Court Docs: Aberdeen Victim Shot Twice by Girlfriend’s Father

New details have emerged in a Brown County homicide last week.

On Monday, Jarrett Owen Jones of Bath appeared in court on a charge of first-degree murder. He was arrested Friday night. Police said Jones shot and killed a man following an argument on Jan. 2.

According to court documents, authorities responded to the incident which occurred near the intersection of 130th Street and 395th Avenue early Thursday morning. Initially, the call was reported as a break-in at a shop. But after further investigation, it was reported that the shop owner knew 29-year-old Jon Schumacher and had shot him following an argument.

According to court documents, Schumacher was in an abusive relationship with Jones’ daughter. Paperwork indicates Schumacher came over to the shop to see Jones’ daughter after being released from jail for DUI. When Jones’ daughter did not want to see Schumacher, Jones and Schumacher began to argue.

Initial reports indicated that Schumacher was shot twice and then fell to the ground, however, court documents indicate video surveillance shows Schumacher was shot once and then fell to the ground. Schumacher was then shot again by Jones as he stood over him, according to the paperwork.

A bond of $1 million cash has been set for Jones.

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