June 13, 2021

Tu Mera Junoon – Episode 23 – 26th Dec 2019 – HAR PAL GEO DRAMAS

Tu Mera Junoon’ is a story of Hayat and Taimoor who are the children of sisters-in-law. Hayat is ambitious, is pursuing her MBA and is in love with her class fellow Salar whom she plans to marry. Taimoor, her cousin who has been obsessed with her all his life, cannot bring himself to accept this. His resentment towards Hayat reaches its peak when he attacks her on her wedding night, leaving her permanently scarred. Salar’s love for Hayat is put to the test when Hayat forgives Taimoor and sets him free. Will Salar be able to forgive Taimoor? And will Hayat be able transcend this traumatic incident? ‘Tu Mera Junoon’ is a dynamic story about a resilient woman’s courage and our society’s attitudes towards physical beauty, disfigurement centered around the theme of love and forgiveness.

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