June 20, 2021

Watch Live: Last solar eclipse of 2019 begins, will turn Sun into Ring of Fire

The annular sun based obscuration, the last one of 2019, has started. The last sunlight based overshadowing of 2019 assumed control over the skies around 8 am Thursday morning. The December 26 sunlight based obscuration will be noticeable most unmistakably from South India. Urban areas, for example, Kannur, Kochi, Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) in Kerala; Coimbatore, Madurai, Ooty, Trichy and Chennai in Tamil Nadu; Mangaluru and Bengaluru in Karnataka; and Puducherry are among places where the sun based overshadowing will be unmistakable completely.

Different pieces of India, then again, will observer a fractional sun oriented overshadowing. The sun based obscuration started setting in at 8 am and will last till 1:30 pm. The sun based overshadowing’s pinnacle, for example the minute when the Moon is completely over the Sun, will happen at 10:47 am and will keep going for under four minutes.

The December 26 sunlight based overshadowing – the third sun powered obscuration to occur this year – will be livestreamed on YouTube by a few channels. Among them is one run by Slooh.com, an online system that gives a livestream of visuals caught by telescopes far and wide.

The YouTube channel will be livestreaming the December 26 sunlight based obscuration with visuals shot from the Middle East and Singapore. You can watch the livestreaming of the December 26 sun oriented overshadowing underneath:

The December 26 sunlight based obscuration is what is known as an ‘annular sun powered shroud’. Fundamentally, during the sun based obscuration the Moon won’t have the option to totally cover the Sun thus, the Sun will show up as a ‘Ring of Fire’ – a circle with its edges enlightened.

The following sun based overshadowing will happen in June one year from now. That one – additionally an annular sun powered obscuration – will be trailed by an all out sunlight based overshadowing (where the Moon totally covers the Sun) in December.

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