June 13, 2021

The US Ship of Miracles that saved 14,000 North Korean refugees

Right around 70 years prior, a US dealer marine ship got in excess of 14,000 evacuees in a solitary outing from a North Korean port. This is the narrative of that adventure, and a portion of those ready.

It was Christmas Day in 1950, and this was no customary birth.

The mother was one of 14,000 North Korean evacuees packed into a US shipper marine ship, escaping the propelling weapons of the Chinese armed force.

There was scarcely enough room on board to stand – and there wasn’t a lot of restorative gear, either.

“The maternity specialist needed to utilize her teeth to cut my umbilical string,” Lee Gyong-pil discloses to me about 69 years on. “Individuals said the way that I didn’t kick the bucket and was brought into the world was a Christmas supernatural occurrence.”

Mr Lee was the fifth child conceived on the SS Meredith Victory that winter, during probably the darkest days of the Korean War.

The Meredith Victory’s three-day journey spared a huge number of lives, including the guardians of the present President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in.

It additionally earned the payload tanker a moniker – the Ship of Miracles.

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