June 20, 2021

Media lauds Ohio State after win over Kentucky

In truth, Ohio State likely has the best case to be No. 1. The Buckeyes — who are now No. 1 on measurements site KenPom — have prevails upon Kentucky, Villanova, Penn State, North Carolina (before wounds) and Cincinnati, and their misfortune at Minnesota isn’t as terrible as a portion of different misfortunes endured by assumed top groups. Ohio State breezes through the eye assessment and the list of qualifications test.

In addition to the fact that kentucky was out-bounced back by Ohio State, Nick Richards and EJ Montgomery joined to take all of five shots from the field, making three of them, and scoring six consolidated focuses and getting five joined bounce back. Ohio State All-America applicant Kaleb Wesson had a down game by all accounts, yet completed with 12 focuses and eight sheets independent from anyone else. That was positively a significant distinction.

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