April 14, 2021

49ers’ George Kittle has dominated Rams; Mike Person is active

George Kittle has never had consecutive 100-yard games in his profession.

However, history proposes there’s a better than average possibility that is going to change.

The Pro Bowl tight end will confront his most loved punching pack, the Los Angles Rams, on Saturday night on the impact points of his 13-get, 134-yard execution in a misfortune to the Falcons on Sunday.

In October, in 20-7 win over the Rams, Kittle had eight gets for 103 yards.

A year ago, in a normal season finale misfortune at Los Angeles, Kittle had nine gets for 149 yards and a touchdown.

In October 2018, in 39-10 misfortune to the Rams, Kittle had five gets for 98 yards and a score.

You get the thought.

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Kittle has had in any event 98 getting yards in four of his five profession games against the Rams. Also, he’s had more than 90 accepting yards in five of his other 38 vocation games.

Since his one-get, eight-yard execution in his first game against the Rams as a youngster, Kittle has found the middle value of 6.5 gets for 112.5 yards in four games against Los Angeles and had three of his eight vocation 100-yard exhibitions.

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