June 20, 2021

Son of Russian spies feels “relief” to be Canadian

The child of Russian covert agents has talked about his alleviation after a court chose to let him keep his Canadian citizenship.

Alexander Vavilov had his citizenship disavowed after his folks, who worked for Russia’s outside insight administration, were captured in 2010.

He was conceived in Canada, and until their capture he accepted his folks were Canadian as well.

It is the first occasion when he has spoken since Canada’s Supreme Court governed his citizenship was substantial.

“I am who I am – whatever you find out about your legacy I don’t think it characterizes you as an individual,” Mr Vavilov told the media in Toronto on Friday.

He said the court triumph was acknowledgment that he feels like a Canadian, yet is one according to the law.

Who is he?

Mr Vavilov was conceived Alexander Foley in Toronto on 3 June 1994 to Tracey Lee Ann Foley and Donald Howard Heathfield – or so he thought.

Their genuine names were Elena Vavilova and Andrey Bezrukov and they had moved to Canada utilizing bogus characters, so as to set up a “profound spread” that would enable them to venture to the far corners of the planet and spy for Russia’s KGB.

The man who transformed Soviet government agents into Americans

In Canada, they appeared to be an ordinary, cheerful youthful family. Mr Vavilov’s more seasoned sibling Timothy was brought into the world only four years prior, likewise in Toronto. At a certain point, his folks fired up their very own diaper conveyance administration.

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