June 17, 2021

London Bridge attack: Darryn Frost on using a narwhal tusk to stop knife man

A man has portrayed how he fended off the London Bridge knifeman with a narwhal tusk before sticking him to the ground to help end the assault.

Darryn Frost, 38, was found in pictures standing up to Usman Khan, 28, who was equipped with two blades.

The government employee has discussed his “profound hurt” at not having the option to spare Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones who were executed by Khan on 29 November.

Khan, who was wearing a phony suicide vest, was shot dead by police.

Mr Frost, who works in interchanges at the Ministry of Justice, told how he got the narwhal tusk from the divider in Fishmongers’ Hall as Khan propelled his assault during a detainee restoration occasion close to London Bridge.

The South African-conceived Londoner at that point pursued Khan onto the scaffold, where film caught him and individual individuals from people in general battling off the assailant.

Mr Frost, whose character was obscure as of not long ago, can be seen sticking Khan to the ground before being pulled away by a cop. The fear monger was shot dead minutes after the fact.

Khan was out on permit from jail when he slaughtered Mr Merritt and Ms Jones and harmed three others in the cutting assault.

Picture inscription

Government employee Darryn Frost (left) has portrayed how he helped handle knifeman Usman Khan on London Bridge (right)

Addressing the PA news organization, Mr Frost said he was going to the restoration occasion with partners when he heard an upheaval first floor.

He said he at that point got the beautifying whale tusk, which had been holding tight a divider: “A couple of us raced to the scene. I took a narwhal tusk from the divider and utilized it to protect myself as well as other people from the assailant.

“Another man was holding the aggressor under control with a wooden seat. I ran down the stairs, remained alongside the man with the seat, and both of us stood up to the assailant.”

‘Blades raised over his head’

Mr Frost included: “He had cuts in two hands and, after observing me with the narwhal tusk, pointed at his midsection.

“He turned and addressed me, at that point demonstrated he had a touchy gadget around his midriff. Now, the man alongside me tossed his seat at the assailant, who at that point began running towards him with blades raised over his head.”

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Mr Frost gave the tusk to the man by him before heading back upstairs to locate another.

At the point when he returned, he found the main tusk “broke over the floor” and individuals escaping the structure.

He stated: “Alongside others, I sought after the assailant, tusk close by, onto the extension. We shouted to caution general society of the threat and, after a battle, figured out how to control him to the ground.

“By then I was attempting to separate the edges by holding his wrists with the goal that he couldn’t hurt anybody or set off the gadget.”

In the recording of the quarrel, Mr Frost can be seen thinking about Khan on the ground before being pulled away by an official – seconds before police shot the aggressor.

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