June 20, 2021

YouTube star Deji fined after dog bit neighbour as CCTV of attack released

Police have discharged film existing apart from everything else a YouTuber’s pooch battered a neighbor – as the web star was fined over the assault.

Oladeji Olatunji, 23, known as Deji, has said he will bid against a court choice to put down his pooch after it genuinely harmed a lady.

“He is probably the closest companion. I don’t need his life removed,” the YouTuber stated, as he was sorry in a nine-minute video which has been viewed in any event 1.3 multiple times.

Deji, who has in excess of 9,000,000 supporters of his YouTube page, was indicted and fined on Tuesday for enabling his pooch to be hazardously wild in an open spot.

The court requested that his pooch, named Tank, be slaughtered.

In July 2018, the German Shepherd got away from Olatunji’s Peterborough home when the person in question, her little girl and one-year-old grandson had come to gather a bundle.

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