June 20, 2021

Trump impeachment news – live: White House staffer heard saying ‘Merry Impeachmas’, as president faces mounting backlash for suggesting dead congressman in hell

As Donald Trump reels from Wednesday’s House vote making him only the third American president to be impeached, a Washington Post reporter has claimed he overheard a White House staffer wishing colleagues a “Merry Impeachmas”, suggesting the president’s inner circle is not as united as he likes to insist.

Mr Trump has meanwhile been attracting criticism from his fellow Republicans after attacking Democratic congresswoman Debbie Dingell and suggesting her late husband is in hell during his rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, this week, with Oklahoma’s Tom Cole branding his remarks “extraordinarily inappropriate”.

The president has also lost the support of influential religious periodical Christianity Today, founded by legendary evangelist Billy Graham, which has called for his ousting as the Democratic 2020 contenders took to the stage in Los Angeles for their latest debate last night.

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