April 20, 2021

Newspaper headlines: Corbyn’s Brexit ‘neutrality’ and the ‘Duke of nothing’

Seven days on from the Duke of York’s greatly censured TV meet, the features encompassing Prince Andrew have not improved.

The I paper names him the “Duke of nothing”.

The Daily Express claims the last remnants of his life as a working individual from the Royal Family were falling around him after he supposedly left his leader business venture, Pitch@Palace, due to the debate encompassing his connects to the sentenced sex wrongdoer Jeffrey Epstein.

A few papers convey photos of the ruler out pony riding with the Queen in the grounds of Windsor Castle – a scene translated by the Daily Mail and the Mirror as an insubordinate demonstration of help by the ruler.

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“End of GP home visit” is the Daily Mail’s first page feature after family specialists casted a ballot to scrap what has been a foundation of general practice for a considerable length of time.

They contend that going to see patients is too tedious.

The paper says specialists will presently campaign the NHS to relinquish their authoritative commitment to complete home visits, leaving paramedics or other wellbeing experts to do them.

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