April 20, 2021

Google offers $1.5m ‘prize’ for spotting Pixel phone bugs

Google is raising its “remunerate” for revealing security defects in a portion of its Android cell phones from $200,000 to a limit of $1.5m.

The new top “prize” is payable to the individuals who spot bugs in the Titan M security contribute Google’s Pixel cell phones, just as meeting explicit criteria.

Google said it had paid out more than $4m to security specialists since 2015.

In any case, security specialists have questions about whether the reward will dissuade individuals from profiting from culprits.

Different firms, including Apple, Buzzfeed, Facebook and Samsung, likewise offer prizes for detailing security imperfections.


Organizations run purported bug abundance plans to urge individuals to report blemishes, with the goal that they can be fixed, as opposed to offering the adventures to offenders.

Bootleg market

The Titan M security contribute Pixel cell phones is intended to ensure the respectability of their working framework and to store biometric information, which is utilized to open the telephone.

To guarantee the $1.5m compensate, a specialist would need to figure out how to bargain that chip on a gadget running explicit designer review releases of Android.

Be that as it may, one master proposed the expanded abundance was probably not going to change conduct.

“Much the same as when Apple raised their bug abundance to $1m, Google’s move won’t contend with the ‘underground market’ [of offering to criminals], which can raise costs whenever,” said Katie Moussouris, CEO of Luta Security.

“This cost for outside research brings up issues for maintenance and enlistment of inward ability intended to anticipate blemishes.”

The BBC additionally offers a “bug abundance” to security scientists who report issues with the goal that they can be fixed.

Be that as it may, because of the manner in which the telecaster is financed by the open it offers a “one of a kind BBC remunerate” as opposed to a money prize.

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