April 14, 2021

Hong Kong faces more protests after clashes at university

Hong Kong is confronting one more day of against government activity following a night of pitched fights at a top college.

At the Chinese University of Hong Kong police shot nerve gas and elastic slugs as dissidents lit fires and tossed petroleum bombs.

Significant understudy indignation regarding police moving their activity onto grounds was coordinated by police notice that the standard of law was near “breakdown”.

Fights proceeded on Wednesday with conflicts in various pieces of the city.

The police choice to enter grounds flag a move in system, reporters state, as they have to a great extent maintained a strategic distance from freedom tasks at schools and colleges.

The Education Bureau has reported all schools would suspend exercises on Thursday for wellbeing reasons.

What’s going on now?

Dissidents required a third day of strikes and disturbance to a few metro stations prompted a morning of long deferrals and lines.

Hong Kong fights clarified in 100 and 500 words

Nonconformist’s shooting by police officer livestreamed

Hong Kong pushed to ‘edge of all out breakdown’, police say

There were encounters on Wednesday morning, after a gathering of dissidents set up blockades and detours in Yuen Long.

Understudy activists additionally keep on fighting at a few of the domain’s colleges, while neighborhood media said that territory understudies were brought over the fringe to China for their wellbeing.

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