April 20, 2021

Fracking halted after government pulls support

The administration has demanded the cessation of shale gas extraction – or fracking – in England in the midst of fears about quakes.

It comes after a report by the Oil and Gas Authority said it was unrealistic to foresee the likelihood or size of tremors brought about by the training.

Fracking has been suspended since a tremor in Lancashire in August.

Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom said shale gas had “colossal potential” yet the administration was “never again persuaded” it could be extricated securely.

Fracking was suspended after action by Cuadrilla Resources – the main organization authorized to complete the procedure – at its Preston New Road site in Lancashire caused a size 2.9 seismic tremor.


Mrs Leadsom stated: “In the wake of evaluating the OGA’s report into later seismic movement at Preston New Road, unmistakably we can’t preclude future unsuitable effects on the neighborhood network.

Hence, she stated, she had finished up the administration should put a ban on fracking “with prompt impact”.

What is fracking and for what reason is it questionable?

Is the fate of fracking now in question?

The administration says it will “take an assumption against giving any further Hydraulic Fracturing Consents” and this will proceed with except if convincing new proof is given.

In any case, it has avoided a through and through boycott.

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