June 14, 2021

New Google Maps feature can help prevent taxi kidnappings

Google Maps would now be able to send you a caution if your taxi goes 500m off course.

There might be different reasons why your cabbie took a reroute, for example, a street blockage or a requirement for a shorter way, be that as it may; the alarm is basically intended to give you wellbeing when you’re going in an unacquainted neighborhood.

The component is known as Stay Safer, accessible for both Android and iOS, it was first propelled in Quite a while not long ago and was produced for ladies that drive alone.

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As per XDA engineers report, the component will before long seem worldwide and as of late has been seen in the US and Netherlands.

When you get the update, Stay Safer would be noticeable as a choice when you tap ‘Get bearings’.

The Stay Safer element likewise enables you to impart your live area to your loved ones so they are educated about your whereabouts and in the event that you’re off the course they are cautioned.

With developing worries over well being, this component furnishes clients with the certainty to scrutinize their driver in the event that they reroute.

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