June 20, 2021

Ford’s Last 5.0 Pushrod V8 Mustang Engine Makes Surprising HP On Dyno

Beside first-drive surveys and a couple of other exceptional conditions, the Motor1.com group posts articles in the aggregate we voice since we’re one major, glad family. This time, I’m going to make it more close to home, in light of the fact that Hot Rod magazine as of late had the delight of dyno testing the absolute last 5.0-liter pushrod V8 worked for a Ford Mustang. It was 1995, and think about who happens to claim a Laser Red 1995 Ford Mustang GT five-speed convertible?

I’ve claimed this vehicle for a long time now and for the record, it’s not quick. That is on the grounds that the revered old 5.0 V8 was just evaluated at 215 pull (160 kilowatts) for 1994 and 1995, down from 225 in the 1993 Mustang on account of a twist in the upper admission that limited wind current a tad. In any case, when I took my new-to-me 1995 GT Convertible to a neighborhood case dyno for some standard testing, I got about 200 hp at the wheels. That likens to approximately 240 hp at the crankshaft, which charmed me to no closure. Beside a modest virus air unit and a knock to the start timing, the vehicle was stock and demonstrating 100,000 miles on the odometer.

I state this in light of the fact that Hot Rod had a comparative encounter. Per the article (which incorporates photographs of the real last 5.0 and extra subtleties), the motor was confirmed by Ford as the last pushrod 5.0L HO V8 bound for a Mustang. It was additionally marked by a plenty of Ford representatives who gathered the motor, with one of those marks including a date of August 9, 1995. It was given some new oil and snared to a motor dyno, with its stock ventilation systems and unique gear still set up. The outcome? No under 251.9 drive at 4,800 RPM, and a 320.5 pound-feet of torque at 3,500 revs. Those numbers are impressively higher than what Ford said the old 302 V8 should create.

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