April 13, 2021

Limited Time Offer for All Variants: Honda Pakistan

An incredible arrangement is offering by Honda Pakistan for every one of its clients in Pakistan which will be appropriate during the time from first September to 30th September.

Honda Pakistan offers this extraordinary idea upon its 25 years of assembling of autos in Pakistan. Honda Company sends a letter to the approved vendors in Pakistan through which the organization paid thanks upon the resolute endeavors in helping the organization notoriety and accomplishment in the nation.

As indicated by the warning issued by the Honda organization in Pakistan, the organization has expanded the guarantee time frame for the third year for nothing on its Honda Civic 1.5L RS Turbo and the 1.8L vehicles in the blend with cowhide seats. For the most part, Honda gives 2-year o r 50000 Km which end first guarantee.

The unconditional present for the Honda City is route framework on 1.3L and 1.5L vehicles. The

Honda BR-V has likewise 1 year augmentation in the guarantee.

Every one of the offers are legitimate for just a single month beginning from first September to 30th September 2019.

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