April 12, 2021

Qureshi equates IOK situation with ‘genocide’

GENEVA: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi depicted India’s activities in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir of canceling its unique status and forcing different limitations on the neighborhood populace, as destruction.

In a meeting with Anadolu Agency Video News, Qureshi said that Islamabad was worried over the ascent of Islamophobia, thusly, Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia were facilitating a discussion on it uninvolved of the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva.

“On the off chance that you convert a Muslim larger part state into a Muslim minority state to statistic change and that is in a contested region which is persuasively involved that is a type of destruction of that worry,” said Qureshi.

“Well India has after 9/11 sly way utilize the battle for self-assurance and drive to name it as psychological oppression. They are not fear mongers. They are battling for their privileges and which [can] not be likened as fear mongering,” Qureshi included.

India’s offered to submit decimation in IOK won’t go on without serious consequences: President Alvi

He stated: “Islamophobia is on the ascent and we are worried about it and that is the reason uninvolved of the UN occasion Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia are facilitating a discussion and a dialog on Islamophobia.”

The outside pastor portrayed reciprocal relations among Pakistan and Turkey as great, saying that both the nations had consistently remained by one another. “We saw sign of that even yesterday at the OECD gathering,” he said.

“You realize the Turkish represetative was in the number one spot while he was the first to compliment our joint articulation so our connection is great. We are expecting President Erdogan to visit Pakistan sooner rather than later in which we will discuss far reaching monetary plan among Turkey and Pakistan,” he included. “We have a decent company in military relations.”

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