April 14, 2021

Fawad taunts India for disappointment of Chandrayaan-2 moon mission

Government Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry took a correspond at the bombed Indian moon mission, naming the Indian shuttle as ‘toy’ and saying the rocket more likely than not arrived in Mumbai.

The government priest made the remarks in a tweet on Saturday while reacting to an Indian client of the smaller scale blogging site.

Chaudhry prompted the Indian netizens and others to rest as opposed to hanging tight for a declaration from the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) about the moon mission.

In another tweet, he said the Indian parliament should consider their head administrator Narendra Modi responsible for squandering the poor country’s immense measure of cash.

“Modi is giving discourse on satellite correspondence as if he was really a space explorer, not a government official,” the administrative clergyman said.

Ch Fawad Hussain


Shocked on Indian trolls response, they are manhandling me as I was the person who bombed their moon mission, bhai murmur ne kaha tha 900 crore lagao in nalaiqoon per? Abdominal muscle sabr kero aur sonah ki koshish kero #IndiaFailed


2:01 AM – Sep 7, 2019

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Chandrayaan-2 – or Moon Chariot 2 – took off on July 22 conveying an orbiter, lander and meanderer as a rule planned and made in India, seven days after an underlying dispatch was ended just before take off.

ISRO had recognized before the delicate getting that it was a mind boggling move, which Sivan called “15 minutes of fear”.

The lander – named after Vikram A. Sarabhai, the dad of India’s space program – expected to be the first to arrive at the lunar South Pole area.

It was conveying meanderer Pragyan, astuteness in the Sanskrit language, which was expected to develop a few hours after touchdown.

Ch Fawad Hussain


So ja Bhai moon ki bajaye Mumbai mein utar giya khilona #IndiaFailed https://twitter.com/abhayka74264251/status/1170073540621586433 …



Answering to @fawadchaudhry


This hold up is killing….too a lot of strain to endure. ISRO please make some declaration


1:42 AM – Sep 7, 2019

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The meanderer was relied upon to investigate cavities for pieces of information on the birthplace and development of the Moon, and furthermore for proof on how much water the polar area contains.

In any case, Indian would like to turn out to be only the fourth nation after the United States, Russia and China to effectively arrive on the Moon, dashed to pieces. It lost contact with its unmanned shuttle just before it was because of arrive on the Moon on Saturday, in a hit to the nation’s aggressive minimal effort lunar program.

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